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Double Flue Chimney Caps

Protect and extend the life of your flue and chimney.

The double chimney cap, is used for a chimney that has multi flues spaced about 6 inches apart or less.
Here, a few measurements are required for a proper fit, and the flue heights will be a consideration if not even.
If your flues are even with or below the crown ( the cement top of most chimneys ) or in poor shape, a "leg kit" can be used for proper installation.
If you are burning wood, a 5/8" spark arrestor mesh can be used, check your local Code.

Sometimes the most economical solution to a chimney flue downdraft, wind related puff back or chimney odor problem is a simple chimney cap. 

18 gauge 1 piece base / 24 gauge hood
Type 304 Stainless Steel
Animal proof
Available in custom sizes
Available in copper


3/4" mesh is standard or choose 5/8" spark arrestor mesh

Double Cap, Multi Flue Stainless Steel chimney Cap




MAX: I.D. of CAP






8" x 22"

One 8" x 8" &  8" x 13"

6" x 21" to 9 1/2" x 24"






8" x 28"

Two 8" x 13"

6" x 25" to 9 1/2" x 28"






13" x 24"

One 8" x 13" &  13" x 13"

11" x 21" to 14" x 24"






13" x 28"

Two 13" x 13"

11" x 25" to 14" x 28"







And remember, measure twice order once.

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Chimney Cap Measuring
for single, double & multi flue chimney caps made easy.....
Lets climb that ladder once..... measure "everything" twice.

Chimney cap measuring for single double and multi flue chimney caps

Always measure a flue side to side, never corner to corner.

A flue may be square, rectangular, oval or round.  Measure accordingly.

Provide the inner and outer measurement to size other options such as top sealing dampers.

If the spacing between the flues is wide enough single caps may be used instead of double or multi flue caps.

If the flues are flush, recessed or it's just a "hole"... measure it's opening in the crown.


A & B  Measure to the OUTER most edge of the chimney's top.  The chimney's cement "crown".
C & D
  Measure the span or OUTER most edge of each flue or group of flues.
  Measure EVERYTHING else...spacing between the flues, the spacing to each edge of the chimney, etc.
Measure the height of the flue or highest flue in the group.

How to measure for a chimney cap

 Flue Liner -- Usually a high temperature clay (fireclay).  A round, square or rectangular sleeve lining the interior of masonry chimneys.  This is the pathway in which the "smoke" or flue gases pass through to exit into the atmosphere.
(Some chimney were constructed with no clay liner or metal pipe was used as the flue pipe.)
**Always measure a flue side to side, never corner to corner.

Chimney Crown -- Also called a "wash"... is usually a cement topping around the flues and tapered to the chimneys sides to shed water. 
(Some crowns are tapered more than others and may create a more difficult cap installation.)


single flue chimney cap

double flue chimney cap

multi flue chimney cap

round chimney cap


Single Caps

Double Caps

Multiple Caps

Round Caps



vacu stacks

weather Shield caps

Lyemance Dampers

Exhausto Chimney Fans Enervex Chimney Fans

Vacu Stacks

Weather Shield Caps

Damper Caps

Chimney Fans


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